• The World's Biggest Sing-along

    A global sing-a-long event unifying humanity all over the world!

  • How it all began and what it looks like...

    Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow 2015

    This was our first sing-a-long experience which happened in 2015. It went on to inspiring the creation of the global singalong video and experience.

    The World's Biggest Sing-a-Long 2016 (Official Video)

    Global Invite Video

    This was the video that encouraged and inspired the world to sing together as one.

  • Event Details

    We're creating a global act of peace by singing together as one human family.

    Here's all the info you need to know!

    Why Are We Singing?

    Together we can change the world… one voice at a time! Our global society has become thirsty for true connection and this sing-along allows you to create an authentic, loving and respectful experience for positive human connection to amplify itself organically. Research has proven time and time again that singing is great for mental health and general wellbeing, and connects communities. Singing together positively changes the brain so we thought it would be great to share it with you on a global scale!

    What's Going to Happen?

    1. You will enter a morning train, bus or boat on your travel to work and someone will start the experience by handing out bubbles to create a sense of wonder with the passengers.
    2. You will hand out the lyrics to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, slowly, but surely you will begin to sing-a-long, inspiring other members of the public to join you.
    3. You will arrive at central station by the end of the song.
    4. The video will be sent to the Liberators HQ to edit into one giant collection of happy people singing for world peace on their way to work!

    When Do We Sing?

    Monday morning, around 7:30am on the 23rd of May 2016.

    How Can I Join/Host My Local Event?

    First it's important to sign up here to be put in contact with your event hosts, then join the global facebook event for updates here.

    Who Are The Liberators International?

    The Liberators are the global organisers of this event. They are a peaceful international social movement founded in Perth, Australia and are passionate about creating global demonstrations for peace and harmony on Earth that allow us to see that beyond our differences there is love and humanity. Their previous videos have been shared on BBC, Buzzfeed, Mashable, The Daily Mirror, ABC and have received over 100 million views world-wide.

    Watch the founder's TEDx Talk here Dare To Be Vulnerable.


    To inspire humanity to sing-a-long to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & a song of cultural significance on the way to work on Monday morning, the 23rd of May, 2016.

  • Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    The World's Biggest Sing-a-long Video 2016!

    Read the full story of this experiment here.

    Singing Over The Rainbow

    This video happened at 7:51am on a Monday morning and turned into one of the most glorious moments of our lives. The video has gone on to being watched over 5 million times across youtube and facebook.

    The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment

    In this global event, we inspired over 100,000 people to share eye contact with strangers in cities all over the world. This has to be one of the most incredible events we've ever created. The sheer size and magnitude is hard to comprehend sometimes, but one thing we learnt is, the people of this world are ready for more opportunities to connect authentically with each other!

    Singing Bob Marley on  a Train

    This was an impromptu performance after our first singing over the rainbow morning sing. We caught the train home and decided to create this as we were feeling inspired. 

    The World's Biggest Trust Experiment

    This was our first global event that looked at the idea of building our sense of trust with strangers all over the world.

    TEDx by The Liberators International

    Peter Sharp, the founder presents his life journey with the Liberators and how these global events are changing the world.

    TEDx How Singing Together Changes the Brain

    Tania de Jong, is the founder and CEO of our official partner organisation. She presents a captivating speech on the power of singing together.

  • This sing-a-long is our collective opportunity to raise funds for charity as well as have fun!

    How do we raise money with our voices?

    You will be given the opportunity to raise funds for an organisation that you care about with your full length video from your experience. The video you create is going to be incredibly inspiring and you will be able to use this as a vehicle for driving attention to a not-for-profit cause you care about. The money raised will be 80% for the organisation or your choice and 20% for the Liberators International.

  • FAQ

    Safe, reliable, and unique.

    Why Monday Morning?

    Monday mornings are famous for being dull, uninteresting and often depressing moments. We've selected Monday morning because it's going to make a much bigger impact when we create an act of love and unity in the most unexpected location, time and place. If you are unable to do it on a Monday you can do it on a Tuesday ;) Just ensure you get the video submitted to us before the cut off date. 

    How Do I Become a City Host?

    Becoming a city host is a life changing opportunity and you can sign up here.

    Can We Collaborate with Live Musicians?

    Absolutely! We encourage you to collaborate with a local artist of sort. This is a great opportunity to launch artists into the world with a wonderful video. It's important that the song remains a song of cultural significance and that he or she is able to play Three Little Birds by Bob Marley in the same musical key.

    What If I Don't Have a Bus, Train or Boat?

    If you are unable to organise an event on a local bus, train or boat it's advised that you create the moment in a public space where you will be able to hand out lyrics to the public. Opportunity for public involvement is the key!

  • The Team

    Here's our first troop of adventurers!

    Peter Sharp

    Global Event Director,
    Founder The Liberators International

    Founder of The Liberators International, with over 5 years experience facilitating global events. You can hear his full story by watching his TEDx talk here.

    Shaun Chandran

    Musicians Mentor

    Shaun is a child psychologist who discovered the ukulele while on a humanitarian clown trip with Dr Patch Adams. Today, the ukulele never leaves his side and is a particular highlight when he visits the children’s hospital and nursing homes. He will help answer your music related questions.

    Jae West

    Co-Founder of The Liberators International

    Jae's heart of gold management style combined with her incredibly organised work ethic allows her to keep the overview of the project to ensure we all stay on time and together as one family. She will be replying to your emails and will ensuring things are delivered on time & with love ;)

    Chris Lake (Lakey)

    Peaceful Global Communications

    Lakey is a talented communicator and jokester! He has travelled extensively spent much of his life building networks of understanding amongst across cultural diversity. He will be one of the people helping answer your questions about the event. 

    Michelle Passmore

    Translations & Template Builder

    A deeply nurturing and inspiring woman to be working on this project. Michelle is part of the template creation & translation team. Ensuring templates are clean, clear and effective tools for everyone to use in their own languages. 

    Pasan Tennakoon

    Head of Logistics & Fundraising

    Pasan creates loving harmony where ever he goes. As an engineer, his logical mind makes him a great asset to the team.

    Justin Chadwick

    Creative Writer

    A master with his words, Justin weaves and inspires the world to feel clear and on message with the project mission. He creates the media releases, some of the proposals and written content for the event.

    We are a team!

    We look forward to meeting and inspiring the world with you shortly.

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